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Psychic Readings by Rue Iontach

Psychic Readings by: Rue Iontach

About Rue Iontach

When I was young, my Great Grandmother told me that I have natural-born gifts. She said that my gifts give me the ability of being clairvoyant, intuitive, psychic, and clairaudient. I also have the ability to read energy, Akashic records and use various forms of divination. When she told me this, I took a job as a librarian and only read Astrology, Numerology, and spiritual medicine books. I also dove heavily into the study of dream interpretation. Life is a melody of positive and negative energy. I have been gifted with an ability to sense a person’s current energy of past experiences, present situations, and future outcomes. It has enabled me to provide a way to change a person’s negative outcomes into a positive future. Every person has a concerto of sound and energy. I am able to find the sound that is not pronounced or is not heard and present it to show its true ability. Once this sound is present it can be tuned so that it will bring forward many possibilities for a harmonic outcome. I am also able to provide helpful assistance and advice with anything to do with love, money, and finance. Give me a call; let’s get the music started.

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