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Psychic Readings by Ronald Pittman

Psychic Readings by: Ronald Pittman

About Ronald Pittman

In the face of the struggles that would make us lie down and give up hope, I stand, blessed with my gifts as a Natural-born Psychic, Telesentient, Medium and Empath, and I work as a divine servant and personal guide. I have been seeing and communicating with spiritual entities since I was a child, then I was drawn toward the Runes and Tarot. I do not need these tools to read, but I will use them if needed for clarity or upon request. In addition, I actively work with telekinesis and telepathic projection and reception. For over 30 years, I have attuned my gifts to focus on the seven divine energy centers in each of our bodies. We all have more strength than we know. Let me provide your core energy reading, bringing you in tune with the divine magic already at work in your life and show you the path toward healing and happiness. A consultation with me will provide you with the insight to the issue you need help with now. The broken individual is the one who accepts failure. By being here…by seeking answers…you have already made the choice not to accept failure, because you are reaching out. I would love to speak with you and offer my gifts to serve you on your path toward that success.

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