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Psychic Readings by Rochelle Catron

Psychic Readings by: Rochelle Catron

About Rochelle Catron

I've been a Psychic for 34 years and have been doing readings for 21 years. I always strive to do my best in a reading, because with every single person who calls me, I feel obligated to answer any questions and to be accurate. I love doing Tarot card readings, and the yes and no readings are quick to do, so if you want a simple yes or no, I would be very happy to do that for you. If you want a general reading for your future, about relationships, travel, jobs, and money, I can do that spread for you as well. I take this job very seriously, and want my clients to be happy at the end of what I call, “Psychic Therapy.” I'm looking forward to helping you in the near future!

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