Psychic Readings by Robin Garner

Psychic Readings by: Robin Garner

About Robin Garner

Our souls are mirrored by the universe as the universe mirrors our souls. I am an intuitive Advisor and I use personalized tarot cards and a circle focused form of Runic and a Shamanic trance state to focus the energy of the universe in answer to your questions. Questions are first fine tuned by reading the cards and stones together. Then working within a Shamanic trance state, I can provide insight into matters that are deeply intertwined with your souls' path and destination. The Shamanic vision allows me to converse directly with aspects of soul and body, including interpreting your body's messages, conversing with unborn spirits, speaking with souls that have passed on (as long as they have not yet reincarnated), and talking directly with portions of your own soul and soul's memories. All our paths are sacred and significant; I look forward to assisting you along your way with advice and insight from a higher spiritual plane.

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