Psychic Readings by Rich Tenace

Psychic Readings by: Rich Tenace

About Rich Tenace

Do you have problems with relationships and other issues in your life? Using my Natural-born abilities of Psychic Intuition, my skills as a Spiritual Counselor and the knowledge of the Tarot, I will help you navigate the stormy waters on any topic. I'm able to conduct sessions without any oracles at all. In addition, I am also a certified SAR Technician (sub-conscience analysis and reprogramming); a reading system that uses symbols and teachings to help people rid themselves of destructive beliefs and habits. As an expert on Numerology, I may use this skill in order to enhance your reading if needed. I'm a professional advisor that has decades of experience to help you with your questions regarding love, relationships, family and social issues that you may be dealing with at this time. To help you become a better person and to guide you in living a life of joy, I offer sessions that are truly from the heart…compassionate, empathic, honest, sincere and caring. If you are tired of being confused, sad and lonely, then give me a call, so that I may help you create a life plan that is dedicated to finding ways to increase your happiness. I will tell you what you NEED to hear and not always what you WANT to hear. A professional consultation with me will leave you with a greater sense of well being, clearer insight into your current situation and the options that will help you move ahead in life.

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