Psychic Readings by Reeva Buccanan

Psychic Readings by: Reeva Buccanan

About Reeva Buccanan

I offer 25 years of experience as a Psychic Advisor, a Tarot Reader and Astrologer. My specialties include career, relationship and past-life counseling. Growing up in a family with many people who had psychic gifts has given me an understanding of the great diversity and endless scope of possibilities that can be found in both the seen and unseen world. Having such individuals around me in my youth gave me the chance to understand and work with the energies that flow all around us and to listen to the messages that the natural world offers to us every day. I have learned over the years that life is a journey to be explored and that joy is not often found in great accomplishments, but in simply embracing the small victories and lessons in each day. I am a firm believer that many of the issues that so many of us face are related to the “clutter” we bring into our lives. Things we think we need in order to be happy, expectations of others or of society. When we lose sight of our own path is when we begin to get lost. Sometimes, it helps to have a guiding hand to return to our own way and begin to celebrate the journey once more. My readings are clear cut to the heart of an issue. I'm honestly interested in helping you find the best way for you to find *your* path and to aid you in being the very best you can be. I make no judgments upon what that path that may be…..we all have our own unique journey and trail to forge. I will always treat you as a special individual, because we are each a part of the sacred whole.

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