Psychic Readings by Ray Silver

Psychic Readings by: Ray Silver

About Ray Silver

I'm a third-generation Seer, and my gifts are clairvoyance, mediumship, remote viewing and healing. I have worked diligently to fine tune my gifts over the years. My educational experience includes training as a Hypnotist, life Counselor (CADC) and I hold a B.A. in Psychology. I will bond with your energy through voice contact, which will bring forth information about you. I am also able to connect with loved ones, family and friends who have passed over, to bring through messages of healing and comfort. During your session, I will answer questions on the matters that concern you the most, such as love and relationships, money matters and career options. Sometimes, we need to look back at our past life, as it can influence this life, as well as, our future life. At times, the message at hand is hard to understand, but with time, the reading will unfold and manifest. I look forward to assisting you with my abilities.

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