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Psychic Readings by Rachell Sims

Psychic Readings by: Rachell Sims

About Rachell Sims

I come from a highly Psychic family of Spanish descended Mystics, and an especially psychic mother. That gift was passed onto me and since a young age, I have had prophetic dreams. I started reading Tarot cards when I was 9 and have been amazing sitters with very accurate readings ever since…and I am now 30 years old! I have been told that my readings are highly accurate and empowering. As a result, I'm confident you will enjoy your session with me. I only ask that you do not ask me a question unless you are ready to hear the truth. I'm just the messenger. We all have free will, so if you want to change your predicted outcome, I can also help you by looking into the cards to see what you can do to achieve the outcome you desire.

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