Psychic Readings by Patti Lynn

Psychic Readings by: Patti Lynn

About Patti Lynn

Patti Lynn is a Psychic Medium and has been aware of spirit since childhood and works intuitively with spirit guides. Studies in Astrology, Numerology, Tarot and Mediumship have been instrumental in her psychic development. She has done these professionally for clients for many years. With a fervent interest in the healing arts, Patti Lynn became a Reiki Master/Teacher with a lineage going back to Mikao Usui – the original Reiki Master. She is also a certified Munay-Ki Mentor. She has found that mantras help her with her work and may recommend different mantras for you. Mantras are similar to affirmations. Numerology is used to determine your life path. While Tarot provides a snapshot of your current situation, it also provides options for the future outcome. Mediumship allows Patti Lynn to connect with your recent ancestors and current spirit guides that are in your life. Don't you wish that you had a roadmap for life at times? We all have felt like this. Patti Lynn can work with you to find the correct roads on your personal road map for life. She looks forward to speaking with you.

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