Psychic Readings by Patricia Ann

Psychic Readings by: Patricia Ann

About Patricia Ann

Do you feel lost or in despair? Are you seeking to understand your situation or soul's purpose? I'm an empathic, energetic Healer, Herbalist and spiritual Advisor with over 20 years experience. I am honored and humbled to assist you. I read tarot, earth and animals signs, runes and all the elements of nature. I can assist you with healing your body, mind and spirit, finding your life path, and creating a life of joyful abundance through positive insight and choices. I would like to introduce you to your fairy, plant and animal Guides and assist you in understanding their messages, which are ever present around you. Nature whispers all her answers; we have only to listen with a quiet heart. The past brings us to the present; the present creates our future. Your future is your own to create. Allow me to help you take back your power and own your life. Let us reshape and redirect your present situation that will lead you down the path of enlightenment and peace. Every situation brings growth to our soul. Allow your heart to be filled with love and open up as the lotus flower to accept all the love that Spirit has to offer. Love yourself above all else. I believe that as we think, so we then create. Are you ready to start down the path of joy? Call me now and let us begin the journey. Green and serene earth blessings.

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