Psychic Readings by Opal Mccoy

Psychic Readings by: Opal Mccoy

About Opal Mccoy

I have been blessed with a natural gift of Clairvoyance. I pull from the strengths of my African-Cherokee Indian bloodline through direct communication with my ancestral Spirit Guides to perform readings. My roots connect all the way to ancestors from the bayous of Louisiana, and my energy is very strong. I'm a Shaman, Priestess and Practitioner, using roots, medicinal plants-herbs and mystical curios for healing work. I provide third-eye clairvoyant readings with the incorporation of “fire” energy. I'm most often known for being able to feel my clients as they speak. My approach is nonjudgmental, straightforward, yet caring. By tuning into your energies, I offer advice on any topic of concern: love, relationships, family, career, finances and life questions~past, present or future. I have years of remote viewing experience, that I have performed for countless clients, both domestically and internationally. I have also served as a Psychic Medium/Messenger for meditation circles. My desire is for you to gain the clarity you seek. I believe that if you are reading this, you were destined to call upon me.

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