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Psychic Readings by Nikki Foster

Psychic Readings by: Nikki Foster

About Nikki Foster

I am a Natural-born Clairvoyant and I consult with my blessed Spirit Guides. During our reading, I will go into a trance from your voice vibrations and envision images of the past, present and future. When I receive these images, I will confirm with you, that what I am foreseeing is correct, and then I will identify the issue at hand. I read on any topic: money, love, relationships, family or any situation dealing with your day-to-day life. I believe this is a gift from God and my mission is to share it with others, especially in time of need. By trusting in my Spirit Guides and with the use of my natural-born gifts, I will help you to change the course of your life to one that is more uplifting and rewarding. I thank you and look forward to talking with you. I send you peace and light!

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