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Psychic Readings by Nancy Desantis

Psychic Readings by: Nancy Desantis

About Nancy Desantis

I am an American and Italian generational Psychic, from both parent lineages. My God-given talents include Psychic counseling, Tarot reading, Astrological advice, Claircognizance (ability of knowledge without physical explanation), precognition (future information perception not deduced from present information), spiritual healing, and I work with paranormal phenomena (spirit disturbances). I am a healing catalyst and Messenger. I have been spared by death and have transformed my various open channeling abilities into those of a Healer. My responsibility lies in delivering the correct message, pertaining to the subject and their specific issue and needs. I have accepted and evolved my clairvoyant gifts, taking responsibilities attached to them very seriously. Tapping into both my old-country mentality and modernized training, we shall work in unison to correctly decipher the answers you seek in order to make a wise choice. Always trust in God, trust in yourself and please trust in me. Thank you and God bless.

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