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Psychic Readings by Moonwater

Psychic Readings by: Moonwater

About Moonwater

I have provided psychic readings for decades. I am a Sensitive and an indigo adult who sees the unseen world and uses its power to help others. As a specialist in water visions, I receive vibrant images in the water, which contain the answers you seek. Water is a natural tool that bridges the worlds and I use this powerful substance to answer questions on any topic. My talents also include Tarot cards, Astrology and Numerology, which I use along with water. Besides readings on the future, I have also had visions regarding past lives, as well as other topics. I have provided solid assistance include pinpointing when romance will occur and with whom, as well as, when and how careers and work conditions will improve or change. My goal is to guide my clients on how to best to prepare for these times and to ensure that they make the correct decisions. My readings are done with love and respect.

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