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Psychic Readings by Miriam Dewit

Psychic Readings by: Miriam Dewit

About Miriam Dewit

As a Psychic and Medium, I have been channeling and doing spirit readings and communication all of my life. As your personal Advisor, ask me anything that is on your mind, my readings are accurate and I will share all that I see. Let me look into your life to aid in a bright future. As we live, we also lose. Any loss is devastating. When we lose a piece of jewelry, we are upset, but then replace it. It left a hole and we filled it. When a loved one passes, that hole can't be filled; a bottomless pit that spews out sadness and loneliness. We can't fill it no matter what we do. It's a quiet pain that can't be measured. As an experienced Medium, I can help. During your consultation, I encourage you to write down the images I relay to you. Once I let your reading go, I will not likely remember it at all. I'm always learning and will continue to learn beyond this life time. I hope that you will call on me for assistance.

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