Psychic Readings by Miette

Psychic Readings by: Miette

About Miette

Through the Tarot, intuition and clairvoyant sharing of energy, I can help you to find spiritual answers. I strive to help and heal those around me and I will guide you in your quest for self-improvement. In ancient times, alchemists sought the philosopher's stone, seeking eternal life and to master the process of turning base metals into gold. Before you can achieve eternal life, you must first turn your soul and spirit to gold. I can help you to recognize what blocks your way, and with this recognition, comes change. If you seek answers and need guidance, an in-depth reading can be the objective voice of reason. Life is a journey, spiraling inward and outward. Change is constant. Learn to move like the river with the change and watch old wounds be worn away like stone.

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