Psychic Readings by Meg Ennis

Psychic Readings by: Meg Ennis

About Meg Ennis

I’m a Psychic, spiritual Intuitive, a Medium, an Empath and a card Reader. We all have a spiritual toolbox. Some of us use the tools throughout our lives, some never open the box and others let their tools gather dust. When I was a child, I learned that relatives passing over would visit me before they depart. I could feel others psychic and physical pain. Now as an adult and an experienced Advisor, I’ve learned to hone these abilities which I have used now for over 20 years. That being said, I believe we all need a little guidance now and then. I believe in calling things as I see them, I read and provide advice for others the same way I would expect for myself. If you need an ear, an accurate life reading or spiritual advice from the heart and the gut, give me a call.

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