Psychic Readings by Meechey Riley

Psychic Readings by: Meechey Riley

About Meechey Riley

I am a Master Psychic and have been given the gift of Clairvoyance, where I can see the past, present and future. Working with the energy of each individual, I can often give descriptions of loved ones, friends, enemies and go into detail about a persons surroundings. I specialize in couples relationships; expert in marital affairs and issues. During each reading, I also use a regular deck of 52 playing cards. These cards represent, the four seasons, the seven days of the week and the 9 planets, which allow me to answer any question, as I tell you events that will happen for the week, month or even for a year long spread. I am sensitive to the needs of each individual, and since I am a non judgmental person, this will allow YOU to ask and seek advice on ANY personal matter. I'm here for YOU. Let me put your mind at ease and get you back on the RIGHT track.

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