Psychic Readings by Matthew Blackwood

Psychic Readings by: Matthew Blackwood

About Matthew Blackwood

I have worked with many Spirit Guides and have practiced as a professional Psychic for over 14 years. The psychic and metaphysical gifts are very strong in my family. My first profound psychic experience occurred in 1990; it was the one I could not ignore. During a meditation, I was contacted from the other side and my cosmic journey has continued ever since. I like to begin the consultation by sharing empathic messages. In addition, I may use other methods of divination such as Astrology and medicine cards (Native American Tarot). The cards will put us in touch with your animal guides. During a session, I inevitably get messages from the spirit world to help you gain perspective and will assist you through the changes and situations that life brings. I believe a reading should be fun, informative, exciting and empowering. I look forward to your call and our walk together.

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