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Psychic Readings by Marissa Hall

Psychic Readings by: Marissa Hall

About Marissa Hall

Do you have questions about life, career, love, the future or relationships? The basis of all aspects of our lives is love, the highest form of energy. I am a highly experienced Psychic, Medium, Pet Communicator, and Channel. As a Psychic, I read energy fields and use them to assess relationships, as well as, any other life issues that concern you. As a Medium, I connect to departed loved ones (people and animals) and ask them for messages of hope and support. As a Pet Communicator, I connect to the “fur people” who are such important parts of our lives and heart and I help you hear the wisdom they want to share. I also channel your spirit guides and guardian angels. These beings want only the best for you, but sometimes it is hard to hear their guidance in the hubbub of everyday life; I can help you hear and understand their wisdom. I can also help you understand your other past, present and future lives. Often, these other lives reveal recurring themes that lend insight into your current situation. I approach all of my readings in the spirit of loving kindness and without judgment. I do not edit my readings, but present the truth with an uplifting perspective. I wish only to help you discover how to get the very best out of life. I'm looking forward to assisting you to a higher, more fulfilled life!

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