Psychic Readings by Maria

Psychic Readings by: Maria

About Maria

Can you handle the truth? Do you need support, feel confusion, pain and loneliness. I am a Natural-born God gifted Psychic and I'll tap into your energy or aura and translate them into symbols that can be read. I truly believe that I receive guidance from a higher spiritual power, which helps me feel and be sensitive to your needs. I have knowledge and experience in many areas including Telepathic animal communication, medical intuitive (body scanner), tarot, dream analysis, past lives and how they relate to now, exorcist to ghost busting. I have worked for the police and been in several newspapers. If you have an illness or had an accident, I can tell you the emotional cause so it will never happen again. You can stop that cycle of pain and improve the quality of your life. People say I'm straightforward, have your best interest at heart and give 100%. My goal is to empower you with Knowledge. After the reading, do expect a miracle to occur.

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