Psychic Readings by Mareena Conte

Psychic Readings by: Mareena Conte

About Mareena Conte

I began my spiritual journey at 16, which now gives me 20 years of experience. I'm a clairsentient Psychic, Medium and Healer, and my main goal is to get to the bottom of what is really going on in your life. I read on any topic and specialize in past-life readings, chakra clearings, pet readings and mediumship. I use the Tarot, Akashic records, theta, galactic healing Reiki, hydromancy (water scrying), and capnomancy (smoke scrying), to convey important information to you. I've had this gift since my teens, but not until I got older that I fully step into my destiny. From my first channeling class I knew that being psychic was like Cinderella and her glass slipper, a perfect fit! I then began to understand how to work with the Guides and balance my gift, so as to allow others to have the same extraordinary connection to their Guides as I do to mine. My Guides can help us figure out if you are on the right path, why certain patterns keep repeating themselves, and what is really going on around you. My readings are direct and truthful. I've helped many people discover their true soul's purpose or connect with a loved one who has crossed over. I look forward to talking with you and your Guides and helping you get your life on track. Blessings!

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