Psychic Readings by Makara

Psychic Readings by: Makara

About Makara

So much of our lives occur beyond the threshold. As an Intuitive Psychic, the lord of foresight has called me to service. I use several methods of Tarot cards, as well as, ogham fews and ancient I-Ching coin divination to reveal the shrouded paths and potential outcomes in my client's life journeys, and then make connections between their current life challenges and long-term goals with psychic intuition. I'm also connected to the dance of the stars and use the language of Astrology to untangle complicated and tender issues and get to the root of personal actions and impulses. Once we are made aware of behaviors and tendencies, we become empowered to bring about positive change and control into our lives! I've devoted myself to learning the mechanics of the universe, as they are reflected in the intentions, hopes, and dreams of humanity. I welcome the chance to use my skills to aid you and hope to walk beside you for a time.

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