Psychic Readings by Lucie Marie

Psychic Readings by: Lucie Marie

About Lucie Marie

I’m an intuitive Psychic and a Level II Reiki Practitioner. My studies include 20 years experience with the Tarot and 35 years experience with Transcendental Meditation techniques. If needed, I will use the Tarot as a tool for additional information and guidance, as I find it an invaluable guide that directs you to deep personal awareness. We are all energy and I am able to tune into that energy to offer an honest and accurate reading. When I connect with someone for the first time, I receive direct messages about that person and their situation. At some point in all our lives, we have all had to stop and ask for direction and I feel blessed that I am one that will guide you to the proper path and offer you the perspective you need to find your way. Sometimes you just need a friend to look at an obstacle from a different angle, which in turn, lights the way around the situation. True inner freedom and happiness must come from within and I am here to assist you through the universal shift to find that peace. I will always speak the truth and do my utmost to help you solve your problems. Let us embark on this fantastic journey together.

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