Psychic Readings by Lorraine Allen

Psychic Readings by: Lorraine Allen

About Lorraine Allen

I am a life-long Empathic Psychic, subconscious Telepath, a Card Reader, a Clairvoyant and Clairsentient-the latter meaning things just come to me about the past and the future. I can remember even as young as 2 years old being able to feel the emotions of people around me. This gift gives me a great deal of compassion and the ability to be nonjudgmental, and I always perform my readings with love and care. I've studied Astrology, Numerology and many kinds of spiritual teachings, including Toltec and Wicca. My cards of choice are Titania's Fortune Cards (cartomancy), based on Madame Lenormand (who read for Napoleon–unfortunately he didn't heed her advice and warnings and well, we all know how that turned out). In addition, I read the Tarot and Runes, as well as, angel cards. All of us are connected to the universe and each other on a spiritual level and I look forward to connecting to you in loving spirit.

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