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Psychic Readings by Lorene

Psychic Readings by: Lorene

About Lorene

I am a Master Tarot Reader with innate psychic ability and intuition. I have been drawn to the Metaphysical world for as long as I can remember. Twenty-two years ago, I embarked upon a course of study under a Master Tarot Reader, Medium and Channel, that allowed me to sharpen my skills and brought focus to my abilities. I have a great fascination with the Tarot as a method of looking within oneself for the answers to life's complex questions. I believe it is to be used as a tool – not as a “be all and end all” in finding the answers one is seeking. I have worked as a healthcare provider for many years and I feel that combined with my natural capacity for healing, counseling and providing my clients with kindness and respect, makes me unique in the world of Readers. In addition to my formal training, I have also taken Numerology, aura reading, out of body experience and astral projection workshops. I have read innumerable books on the subject of Metaphysics and I am deeply interested in the subjects of Philosophy, Psychology, spirituality and the spirit world. My areas of specialty are in relationships, love, career growth and career opportunities. My goal is deliver empathy and compassion and to gently help my clients regain their footing. I look forward to helping you along life's journey. Namaste, Lorene.

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