Psychic Readings by Lindee Falen

Psychic Readings by: Lindee Falen

About Lindee Falen

I am a clairvoyant Psychic and have used all the tools of the trade from Tarot to Astrology for over 40 years. I read on any topic, but my area of expertise is relationships with others and with your inner being. Loving others is the binding energy of this planet, but sometimes we need understanding in order to make that love pure and full of joy. We misinterpret others when we have feelings of insecurities, doubt or trust issues, so it's very important to heal those energies if we want a full life of happiness. I can help you connect the dots that are needed to complete the big picture. When the dots don't connect, we live with a lack of knowledge of our true selves. We are all here for a reason and each of us plays a very important and intricate part of this planet. It would be my pleasure to help you on your path in any way possible.

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