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Psychic Readings by Lila Stone

Psychic Readings by: Lila Stone

About Lila Stone

Allow me to help and guide you by using my intuitive, psychic abilities. With over 20 years professional experience as a practitioner of Metaphysics, Eastern & Western philosophy and Jungian psychology, I have worked as an Astrological consultant, author, teacher and broadcaster. Whether it is Astrology or Tarot, I will use these tools to assist you in all practical matters and target solutions by clarifying the issues and challenges you face. Your reading begins with your birth information: please have that available so we can get right to the point. We will not only work with your shadow, we will talk to your anima and animus. Remember, there are no fatal outcomes – there are only choices. Let's connect now, to discover the future paths open to you in your relationships, career, money, health and beyond. From there, you just might find you are writing a new chapter in your life!

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