Psychic Readings by Liam Rowen

Psychic Readings by: Liam Rowen

About Liam Rowen

Liam, a 3rd-generation Psychic-Clairvoyant, has dedicated his life to psychical studies and mystical art forms. He has extensive experience in Metaphysical studies, Parapsychology and classical Psychology. With his talents and studied skills, Liam has assisted national missing person cases and participated in nationally recognized studies. His current interests as a Practitioner involve distant or remote healing through clairvoyant perceptions and spirit communication. A session with Liam can be intense and well worth a visit. His goal is to find the proper balance for his clients that will reflect the best possible place for healing and positive movement. Often clients will leave a session feeling more fulfilled with clarity and peace of mind about their future direction. Liam stands ready to help make sense of the confusion in your life. He will provide clear and concise answers to difficult questions without judgment. It is his primary goal to help light your way.

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