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Psychic Readings by Leilani Mathis

Psychic Readings by: Leilani Mathis

About Leilani Mathis

As an intuitive Psychic, I am able to read on a number of levels. I have various psychic abilities, such as, clairsentience (picking up on feelings), clairaudience (psychic hearing) and clairvoyance (seeing pictures or images). In addition, as a Channeler, my abilities allow me to pick up information on those of your loved ones or others (living, or on the other side) around you in your life. There are those people who are not in touch with their deeper feelings. This may bring a lack of understanding or confusion, and prevent making beneficial decisions. Being an Empath, also allows me to feel and reveal the deeper levels of one’s emotional body, so that emotional and mental clarity can be brought to the issue in question. I tap into my center which is the pathway of psychic energy and information which is connected with the higher self, which then comes through the body (senses) consciousness to the conscious mind. The higher self is a natural connection to that of Source (spirit), which allows me to see and read people with whom I am in contact.

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