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Psychic Readings by Laurel

Psychic Readings by: Laurel

About Laurel

My name is Laurel. I am a Psychic, Astrologer, Tarot Card Reader and Spiritual Advisor, and I have been providing readings for over 20 years and have studied Astrology for 30 years. The planets are always sending out their energies or vibrations to all of us. Those of us who would heed their wisdom can benefit greatly, but one must be able to read the “planetary codes”, you might say. In basic terms, it is my job to look at your individual and unique birth chart, read the codes, and inform you of opportunities and means available to you to heed the messages. Contact me and let me know what is the most pressing issues for you and I will be your guide to understanding the forces that currently are effecting you and give you practical, sound guidance in how to use these energies for your highest good, personal growth and understanding. You can be assured; I do what I do with the highest integrity for my continued soul growth and the welfare of those who contact me. Blessings to all souls who are seeking.

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