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Psychic Readings by Lainie Oconner

Psychic Readings by: Lainie Oconner

About Lainie Oconner

Lainie is a gifted Psychic Empath and has strong Clairaudient and Clairvoyant abilities. She also does dream interpretation and likes to focus on connecting with a callers higher self, using her gifts to empower clients to fulfill their souls purpose. Lainie knew she had unique abilities from a very young age and often visualized events before they occurred. As she became older, she honed those gifts through self education and a mentor. She tunes into callers using their first name and date of birth, feeling their emotions just as strongly as they do. Lainie is a no tools reader who relies on her Spirit to confirm what she feels, sees, and hears and uses voice vibration to pick up your aura hue. Lainie believes we are more than our physical bodies. She says, “I like to help my clients get in touch with their inner spiritual selves to help them find their true path in life. I look forward to helping you discover the hidden mysteries and answering the questions of your heart.”

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