Psychic Readings by Kira Carwyn

Psychic Readings by: Kira Carwyn

About Kira Carwyn

I'm an Intuitive Psychic and I work with the dream enchantress Tarot, a unique deck that helps to interpret the energies affecting a given situation. I offer readings to help gain clarity on all aspects of life, and if needed, specific dream readings to help one understand the messages relayed when our mind is at rest. I have been deeply involved in Metaphysics from a young age. I have often questioned the nature of reality as we know it, it seemed too limiting. As I opened my mind and heart, I began to perceive a much larger reality than we are brought up to acknowledge. I have enhanced my gift of sight through karmic clearing, based on ancient wisdom. Through energetic cleansing and chakra balancing, I have come to deep inner peace within and incredible awareness of the cosmic vibrations without. I know the best way to give a clear reading is to be clear in one's self first. My readings offer the client beautiful insight on obstructions and lessons in their current life process. I work to uncover the limitations that keep one from solving problems on their own, thus empowering the potential of the person. Each reading is incredibly individual working with the souls desire to express something to the conscious. I'm looking forward to being a guiding light on your journey~

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