Psychic Readings by Kayla Thornton

Psychic Readings by: Kayla Thornton

About Kayla Thornton

I am a Natural-born Psychic Intuitive with over 15 years of experience with the traditional Tarot and Runes too. I'm able to provide insight into the mysteries of the Ogham or Celtic Runes. Not only do I know the Celtic Runes, but I am also familiar with and constantly studying the Futhorc and Anglo-Saxon Runes. I can also read the traditional Tarot for guidance on any concern and interpret those symbols with care and accuracy. A consultation with me will give you deep detail into your situation and solutions to change your path. Whether it is guidance, comfort or healing that you need, I offer my expert services to you. I will do everything within my power to help in whatever way that I can, and I look forward to having that chance.

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