Psychic Readings by Kay Adamson

Psychic Readings by: Kay Adamson

About Kay Adamson

Combining the extraordinary with the practical, Kay Adamson is a professional intuitive advisor and Empath, who provides a unique experience of empowerment and enlightenment. Gifted with insight, Kay's compassionate approach makes her phenomenally easy to speak with. She applies her powerful perceptive abilities and spot-on analysis to matters large, small and critical to your happiness and well-being. Though she has a Masters' degree and 27+ years of experience in traditional modes of counseling, with special emphasis on communication, conflict resolution and assertiveness, her ultimate mission is to guide you toward your higher self and deepest desires. The result is an experience which is energizing, freeing and results-oriented. She always encourages feedback and follow-up and will be there for you when and as you need her. Whether it's about romance, family, money, career, communication or simply the insight that you could be getting more of what you want, Kay Adamson will lead you to the answers that are most true to your spirit.

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