Psychic Readings by Kate River

Psychic Readings by: Kate River

About Kate River

Hello blessed friend, my name is Kate. I’m an Intuitive, Seer, Clairvoyant and a spiritual Advisor. My consultations are down to earth, accurate and specific to you and your special circumstance. I have had the ability to foresee and verbally predict from mental images since I was a child. I offer advice to others on love, romance, and relationships, family, work, money, career and finance issues. As your Advisor, I will use all of my talents, and share profound insight to help you in make the right choices and find that valuable new life direction. I’m someone who will feel like an instant friend even though we have never met!yet. I’m here to listen with genuine kindness and patience. Everything you want from life is already in place, let me show you the proper path. I will open your heart and shift your soul to the abundance, gifts and blessings the universe has to offer. I’m very excited to be the connection to your best life.

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