Psychic Readings by Kali Kannon

Psychic Readings by: Kali Kannon

About Kali Kannon

I’m an intuitive Advisor, Healer and I have been a spiritual Seeker for as long as I can remember. I have been doing healing work for almost 20 years. In my teens I discovered I had the ability to help others heal themselves through the laying on of hands. I witnessed as people found relief from pain, forgave past transgressions and came to realizations and breakthrough in their lives that led to more health and happiness. As I continued to help others, I started receiving information about them that could help them in their life journey. After college, I became attuned to Reiki and studied healing. In my sessions, I will tune to your highest frequency and send you intuitive and Reiki healing energy. Each person feels and interprets the energy in their own unique and individual way. I will also provide guidance on how you can begin to access and maintain these feelings of wellbeing on your own. If you’re are seeking answers and looking to make changes, I can help you tune to your greatest joys, to help you unlock the magic, and creativity in your life so that you can begin to create and experience whatever you are seeking. I can assist you whether you are looking for a relaxing, energetic recharge of body, mind and spirit or clarity, peace, and overall joy in your life’s journey. I look forward to sharing my gifts with you.

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