Psychic Readings by Kailynn Renzulli

Psychic Readings by: Kailynn Renzulli

About Kailynn Renzulli

The cards are threads and our lives the weavers and we, the woven. I was born to aid in the construction of each personal tapestry, birthed with empathetic and psychic abilities. My dreams that transcended the physical and reach towards the divine, often crossing through the veil and then yanking myself back at the last moment. I will never judge your questions or results, but offer guidance and advice in addition to your reading. I channel through the cards and feel events around people. I offer an ear and advice to those seeking insight and I am ready to help. My approach is very empathetic, with a dose of light-hearted humor. Some questions can be difficult, and humor is a great way to develop a nicer connection with my client, and maybe take some negative feelings out of what I'm trying to feel around. I look forward to helping and working with you!

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