Psychic Readings by June Marie

Psychic Readings by: June Marie

About June Marie

I have been developing my abilities as an Intuitive and Tarot Reader for a quarter of a century. There are times when everyone needs guidance: be it in pursuit of love, good fortune or even the satisfaction of knowing that we are getting the most out of our lives. For centuries, people have turned to the Tarot for such guidance and, in the hands of a skilled interpreter; the images on the cards become an echo of the soul. It has always been my desire to use my abilities to help and guide others. I believe that we create our own futures through the choices we make and, by using the symbolic images of the Tarot cards; I can tap into the universal consciousness, connect with your energy and examine influences in your past and present, helping empower you to make the choices that will allow you create the future you desire. I can advise you in matters of love, work, career, and relationships. I am not here to judge, only to guide you along your true path in life.

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