Psychic Readings by Juliet

Psychic Readings by: Juliet

About Juliet

Juliet is a Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Clairsentient and realized she had psychic and mediumship abilities when she was 15 years old after a visit from her deceased grandmother from Mexico. Juliet uses her natural gifts along with the Tarot, oracle cards and the pendulum as her tools. Her Aunt Isabel taught her how to do readings for people using a regular deck of cards. What is unusual about this is that her aunt had passed and taught her the art from the other side. Raised as an only child, her main companions were animals and it is from there she learned to communicate with them. Juliet is also a ghost hunter and has traveled to many places in search of paranormal activity. Her readings are honest and straightforward with a compassionate heart. A consultation with her will promote a better understanding of your inner strengths, clarity and resolution to any issue, while suggesting new paths that will lead you in a more positive and peaceful direction. She will open your mind to the world and re-energize your mind and spirit. Juliet looks forward to the opportunity of providing accurate insight into your current concerns.

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