Psychic Readings by Julia Chase_

Psychic Readings by: Julia Chase_

About Julia Chase_

I have been a psychic Advisor and Tarot Reader for over 26 years. I am also a life and relationship Coach and an energy Healer. The future is not set in stone. The future is dependent largely on the thoughts we think, the choices we make, and the actions we take. Therefore, I use the cards as a tool to help you find your true happiness. Predictive readings are only accurate until someone changes their mind and their path, so I work from a “take charge of your future” kind of standpoint. I can tell you how it may be, but if you don't like it, we can work together to change things around. I use the Tarot, Runes and other tools along with my Guides to dig below the surface to see what has happened in the past, which creates the present, and see the direction the future may be headed. I can see what others are thinking and feeling and why. I can bring the skeletons of your psyche to light and chase them away so you can be clear and whole. After so many years of counseling others on a mass scale, there is nothing I have not heard. I can help with ANY situation you might need help with. I have to say what I see, or else doing this work would be useless; so be prepared for the truth when you ask me a question. However, again, if you don't like what I see, we may be able to fix things. Let's work together to find your true path to happiness.

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