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Psychic Readings by Judith Smith

Psychic Readings by: Judith Smith

About Judith Smith

Judith has been gifted with the talents of clairvoyance, clairaudience and empathy which she strongly believes is to help illuminate the lives of others. She can help you with your most pressing questions drawing from tools such as the Tarot, but also from her own intuitive ability. Her first spiritual experience came at the early age of 7 when a messenger of the angelic realms communicated a very special message to her. Since then, she has researched many different spiritual paths and have been mentored by various people who work with Spirit. Judith is a caring soul who encourages people to follow their own path, because of this she is a very nonjudgmental soul. A reading with Judith will not only answer your questions for you, but will also leave you feeling uplifted and inspired, which in her philosophy, is vitally important to the art of seeing across the veil.

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