Psychic Readings by Jonathan Fisher

Psychic Readings by: Jonathan Fisher

About Jonathan Fisher

Jonathan is a psychically intuitive Spiritual Advisor, a Seer, an Astrologer and Numerologist. He is able to tap into the universal presence to help people find solutions to their most difficult situations. He has provided readings for over 10 years with many satisfied clients. He is currently a Pastor and working towards his B.A. in Metaphysics. Jonathan is the founder of The Enlightenment Center and the Author of “Breaking the Walls of Limitation.” For many years, he has trained under Master Astrologers and is a standing member in the following organizations: National Council for Geocosmic Research of Astrology, American Federation of Astrologers and Organization for Professional Astrology. Jonathan is a great motivational speaker and he loves to empower, educate and inform people all over the world. Let him enlighten your world and bring balance, peace and control to your life.

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