Psychic Readings by Joleen Parks

Psychic Readings by: Joleen Parks

About Joleen Parks

Gentle greetings. My expertise entails 12 years of Tarot and celestial Psychic wisdom. Humbly honored and blessed with this calling, I hope to bring inner peace to you in a world where we are realizing more and more that this state begins within ourselves. My caring and accurate guidance is a private, respectful way of helping you see your own light. That light is like a candle, clearing your mind of needless worry in order to help you accomplish what you need to in order to bring you the joy that is your birthright. I will assist you to see the positive energy and the hope that is already present and within you . Together, we will clear away the weeds in order to see the wonderful flowers about to bloom in your life. As I tune in to Spirit's voice and the angelic messages, using my natural clairvoyant abilities and the cards, you will see those weeds turning to blossoms. Often, in this rushed world we become overwhelmed, only paying attention to what is physically seen and heard, whereas our vision becomes blurry to what is unfolding right in front of us. However, we also have spiritual eyes and ears. The cards you select or the question you ask me are not manifested via coincidence, they have a purpose.a very divine purpose. Let's begin our first step on this journey towards peace and happiness. My gentle guidance is only a phone call away.Blessings.

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