Psychic Readings by Joleen Jackson

Psychic Readings by: Joleen Jackson

About Joleen Jackson

I am a highly-experienced Psychic with Clairvoyant and Clairsentient abilities. My spiritual skills also involve psychometrics, graphology and spiritual guidance to promote healing. I'm able to provide quality, in-depth readings in all areas including love, work, health, family, social life, legal matters, life decisions, spiritual path, past lives and auras by channeling. Being clairsentient, I experience the messages through the medium of seeing, hearing and feeling and I communicate them as received. I have always had a leaning towards the spiritual side of life, so it was a very natural development for me to enter the path of being a psychic. Being very intuitive as a child, my abilities grew stronger with time, and my predictions became clearer and more immediate, manifesting as images, words and feelings. During my teenage years, my sensitivity grew and I occasionally had prophetic dreams concerning my own future and of those around me. I would also have strong, persistent feelings about things that would end up coming true, gradually becoming a keener ability to foresee things where my gut feeling often proved to be correct. When I took up transcendental meditation during my early twenties, I found this further enhanced my abilities. Hence, I have been cultivating my spiritual practice for many years. When I read, I sometimes experience a great empathy towards the client, allowing me to pick up on their predicament, and the possible paths that lie ahead of them. Other times, I am emotionally detached and read in a more matter of fact way. I am able to establish a connection with most clients as soon as I hear their voice on the phone and tune into their auric vibrations. Psychic notions then spill through as abstract messages. I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my Bio and I look forward to hearing from you.

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