Psychic Readings by John Thornway

Psychic Readings by: John Thornway

About John Thornway

I am a kind, sensitive advisor who has possessed the innate gift of Psychic ability since childhood. I first noticed this talent at around 7 years of age when I began to know who was ringing the phone before my mother answered it. I could also sense the different kinds of difficulties people were experiencing just by the sound of their voices. As I became older, I began to note the ability to sense whether or not someone was involved in a pointless relationship without even meeting the man, the woman, the friend or even a stranger. I knew whether or not the person was sincere and worthy of a long-term union. By my mid-twenties, I saved many friends from making the biggest mistake of their lives. Again, I also did this with people that I had just met. More happily, I have the gift to do the opposite, inform people if their potential mates are a good match. I also see job promotions and financial situations very clearly. While I care about people, I am honest and tell people exactly what I feel they will be facing.

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