Psychic Readings by Jenny Satori

Psychic Readings by: Jenny Satori

About Jenny Satori

Hello! My name is Jenny, however, my spiritual name is Satori. I've combined both names, but you can call me by either one. I don't believe in labels, but if I had to, I'd consider myself an Intuitive Psychic and Medium. When reading with me, I combine my natural abilities with life lessons, intuition and energy peering techniques, such as voice vibration and aura perception. I have a deep passion for helping individuals with life choices and intricate situations. My specialties lie in stress reduction, matters of the heart, health issues, spiritual counseling, life coaching, career guidance and general energy readings. Also, when Spirit allows, I can connect to your loved ones who have crossed over or I may even be able to tune in to your spirit guide(s) who may have a special message for you. After all, we're all spirits having a human experience…some of us just need to get in touch with that notion. My readings are done with great compassion and care. Blessings to you for allowing me to share my gifts.

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