Psychic Readings by Jeanne Stilson

Psychic Readings by: Jeanne Stilson

About Jeanne Stilson

I am blessed with Psychic Intuition and have 20+ years of counseling experience. I do use Tarot cards, as I find them a useful tool to incorporate into the reading as a guide to answer all of your questions. I have a master's degree in the field of counseling psychology and specialized in personality typology and Jungian archetypes. I also have experience in dream interpretation, as that is a part of the repertoire of therapists who have a background in Jungian and Freudian theory. I am able to explain your past, guide your present and foresee your future through the universal laws of the cosmos, revealed to me through the channels of existing energy forces. Allow me to help you realize your full potential and dreams with an accurate, friendly session on any topic. Readings are given in an absolute caring and nonjudgmental manner and I look forward to speaking with you concerning what's on your mind.

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