Psychic Readings by Jan Shiloe

Psychic Readings by: Jan Shiloe

About Jan Shiloe

Jan is an Intuitive Healer, Psychic Reader and Spiritual Counselor specializing in the transcendence of self-imposed limitations to being and creating from higher consciousness. Her ability to read energy, cards and intuitively guide clients into heart centered action consistently creates miracles in the lives of those she works with. Through this gift, Jan has helped people all over the world to recreate their lives. She guides us to unite with our authentic selves to discover the true essence of our being, allowing the world around us to shift into a reflection of who we truly are. Jan helps us to find a space of empowerment from which we learn to live our personal dreams as our day-to-day realities. Since early childhood Jan has been studying the dynamics of the mind and the ways in which various states of being effect the tangible reality we experience. Her mission is to be an active participant in the evolution of human consciousness and to assist all beings in achieving a state of enlightened living and actualized dreams.

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