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Psychic Readings by Jada Marlow

Psychic Readings by: Jada Marlow

About Jada Marlow

I'm an Intuitive Psychic, Stone and Tarot Reader, aspiring crystal Healer, and Daughter of Gaia. My approach as an Advisor is to use my abilities and tools for guidance. I believe that our future is in our own hands, it is but guidance that we truly seek. My life as Reader began as a calling from Mother Earth to help people find their way through the healing powers of nature. The first time I met the Great Mother, it was in a dream. We walked through a crystal world of amethyst skies and blue lace agate waters. She showed me images of my future Mother Stones that would one day sit alongside my Creek Rock; a Clear Quartz Crystal, Amethyst, Apache Tear, Jade, and Carnelian. She told me that they would guide me down a path as a medicine woman-that I'd be known as the Stone Talker. Through the years, I've searched for each stone every chance I got. Every time I found one, it was like I was filling up emptiness inside me. They made me complete as a Reader. Now that I've found them all, I feel like it's time to truly share my gift. It is my honor, and it is my passion to help others and guide them to personal and spiritual growth.

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